Our state-of-the-art CMS platform offers the ability to engage customers with live or pre-recorded betting-focused videos as they consume the latest odds. In-platform videos made available next to the odds on event market pages are proven to influence betting behavior and encourage additional high-margin bets.

Operators, affiliate website administrators and media sites utilizing the 8Count TV CMS can publish videos that have integrated live odds and clickable CTAs within the video. The videos can be shared across different digital platforms, including wagering websites and apps.

8Count TV utilizes recognizable talent, including former sports stars and celebrity influencers, as trusted sources to present the videos and offer picks and insightful wagering information. Our 24-7 production capabilities deliver the videos at scale across a diverse range of global sports and international horse racing.

Visit PickBoss.com to see examples of 8Count TV videos!

8Count TV Benefits

Primary Benefits

  • image descriptionDrive turnover on local product
  • image descriptionDrive turnover on international product
  • image descriptionEducate players

Secondary Benefits

  • image descriptionChange customer wagering behavior
  • image descriptionCreate an innovative point of difference
  • image descriptionCreate platform stickiness


global reach, local experience

We work with all the major players in the USA in 20 states with over 10 operators, including Hong Kong, UK, Australia and Canada.